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Facts about AWA 

Elected Board from the community

Established by-laws

Incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania

501(c)(3) Non-profit organization


What the AWA is doing

  •     Raising awareness of this valuable resource

  •     Educating how to preserve the Antietam watershed & protect its waters from contaminated stormwater runoff

  •     Providing volunteer opportunities to protect and repair the Antietam Creek and its waters

  •     Building partnerships in this noble effort with local governments, organizations and residents


Future Efforts and Interests of the AWA

  •     Storm sewer protection

  •     Residential stream-side garden effort

  •     Assistance with community planning

  •     Stream monitoring

  •     Continuing with prior projects

Why you should connect with us

   You want to volunteer your time

   Interest in joining our membership or mailing list

   You know of a possible location for a future planting project

   Donations in supplies or money

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