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Facts about AWA

  1.     Elected Board from 
       the community

  2.     Established by-laws

  3.     Incorporated in the 
       State of Pennsylvania

  4.     501(c)(3) Non-profit organization


What the AWA is doing

  1.     Raising awareness of this valuable resource

  2.     Educating how to preserve the Antietam watershed & protect its waters from contaminated stormwater runoff

  3.     Providing volunteer opportunities to protect and repair the Antietam Creek and its waters

  4.     Building partnerships in this noble effort with local governments, organizations and residents


Future Efforts and Interests of the AWA

  1.     Storm sewer protection

  2.     Residential stream-side garden effort

  3.     Assistance with community planning

  4.     Stream monitoring

  5.     Continuing with prior projects