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"One thing should be said in favor of the stream - which can in truth be said of all streams -


that whatever takes place on its banks or in its currents, in nowise does the stream express its feelings one way or the other.


For this it deserves our gratitude as it is always a symbol of joy and gladness rather than that of grief and sadness. Whether we appreciate it or not, we are actually under greater obligations to our streams and to other manifestations of nature than most of us have any knowledge of.

When our loved ones leave us and our outlook on the world is gloomy, were it not for the sparkle of the streams; the blue of the skies; the song of the birds, and the bloom of the flowers, we might remain in a despondent mood.


It makes no difference what happens, they are steady and complaisant all the time. At the moment of the tragedy, the birds may be singing their sweetest songs, the flowers may be showing their loveliest bloom, the clouds will be floating fleecily in the sky, and our streams will be flowing on without interruption to the sea.


They are our friends, they divert our minds and lead us unwittingly from the burden of our thoughts. This is the main reason, we take it, that a walk out in the country along Antietam creek is a solace to any one who is tired of brain or sick of soul."

Jacob H. Stoner, Historical Papers: 
   Franklin County 
    and the Cumberland Valley Pennsylvania

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