2014/2015 Officers

  1. Bullet    Carl Grove - President

  2. Bullet    Alice Noll - Vice President

  3. Bullet    Bob Lawn - Treasurer

  4. Bullet    Kathy Seiler - Secretary


Board of Directors

  1. Bullet    Anne Aden

  2. Bullet    Maggie Cisar

  3. Bullet    Sarie Dickey

  4. Bullet    Chris Firme

  5. Bullet    Doris Goldman  

  6. Bullet    Tom McCloud  



AWA has approximately 85 members and 150 contacts on its email list. Dues are $15 per individual — $25 per family/household


  1. Bullet    Washington Township
    Antietam Meadow Park (Memorial Tree Program)

  2. Bullet    Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF)

  3. Bullet    Renfrew Institute for Cultural & Environmental Studies

  4. Bullet    Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

  5. Bullet    Center for Watershed Protection (CWP)

  6. Bullet    Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM)

  7. Bullet    PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP)

  8. Bullet    U.S. Department of Environmental Protection (EPA)

  9. Bullet    PA League of Women Voters

  10. Bullet    Franklin County Soil Conservation District

  11. Bullet    Franklin County Watershed Association

Want to join?


  1. Bullet    Stephen J. Rettig

  2. Bullet    Jo Spigler

  3. Bullet    Yvonne Yoder

Advisory Members

Antietam Currents: Judy Bricker

Stream Monitoring: Melodie Anderson-Smith

Projects Liaison: Carl Grove

Plant Inventory: Tom McCloud

Pat Heefner: Website/Communications

Patrick Brezler

Ruth Coe

Frank Conway