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Facts about AWA

  1. Bullet    Elected Board from
       the community

  2. Bullet    Established by-laws

  3. Bullet    Incorporated in the
       State of Pennsylvania

  4. Bullet    501(c)(3) Non-profit organization


What the AWA is doing

  1. Bullet    Raising awareness of this valuable resource

  2. Bullet    Educating how to preserve the Antietam watershed and protect its waters from contaminated stormwater runoff

  3. Bullet    Providing volunteer opportunities to protect and repair the Antietam Creek and its waters

  4. Bullet    Building partnerships in this noble effort with local governments, organizations and residents


Future Efforts and Interests of the AWA

  1. Bullet    Storm sewer protection

  2. Bullet    Residential stream-side garden effort

  3. Bullet    Assistance with community planning

  4. Bullet    Stream monitoring

  5. Bullet    Continuing with prior projects



2002 — 2010

  1. Bullet    Established significant relationships, support from local government, particularly Washington Township. AWA is now a line item in the township budget.

  2. Bullet    Built partnerships with local organizations, farmers, school districts, municipalities, and citizens

  3. Bullet    Maintained monthly educational column in local paper (Antietam Currents)

  4. Bullet    Established permanent office at 32 West Main Street, significant donation by landlord.

  5. Bullet    Built a highly visible rain garden at local farmer’s market (Paul’s Market, Rt. 316)

  6. Bullet    Accomplished seven significant riparian planting projects at five farms (Landes, Rebuck, Hess, Buhrman, Lehman) and two large landholders (Quincy Home, Otterbein Church) along the Antietam Creek in Pa.

  7. Bullet    Assisted with similar projects in Maryland Antietam Watershed.

  8. Bullet    Established and currently maintain a scientifically rigorous stream monitoring program, to gather data and for use as an educational resource for the community.

  9. Bullet    Conducted an assessment of the East Branch of the Antietam Creek in PA, resulting in recommendations to preserve and correct problems in that sub-watershed.

  10. Bullet    Proceeded with plans for a major project of preservation and educational value on WASD property.  This is an outcome of the East Branch Assessment.

  11. Bullet    Raised awareness and support in the general citizenry of the Antietam Watershed in PA.

  12. Bullet    Built relationships with major real estate developers.

  13. Bullet    Applied for, and received grants of over $200,000.

  14. Bullet    Established an active Riparian Maintenance Committee for accomplished riparian planting sites.

  15. Bullet    Designed, and published a brochure for general education on riparian planting in the PA Antietam Watershed (outcome of the East Branch Assessment)

  16. Bullet    Adopted a State Forest road (Rattlesnake Run), maintained active cleanup of this road throughout the year and a yearly cleanup project.

  17. Bullet    Establishment and maintenance of  a website for AWA (www.antietamws.org).

  18. Bullet    Designed and published a brochure introducing AWA to the community

  19. Bullet    Printed and used restaurant placemats of educational value on the Antietam Watershed in PA

  20. Bullet    Obtained and used display boards for use at public events, of educational value.

  21. Bullet    With school and community support, developed a rain garden at Summitview Elementary School.

  22. Bullet    Contracted with RETTEW, Inc. to study the entire West Branch of the Antietam.